1966 Dodge Charger Specs

1966 Dodge Charger – on the first January 1966, it is the debut of the Dodge Charger. It was followed by a half model year of street riding cars. Just like its name, Dodge has a charger with new model to build a marvelous performance with this engine. It was designed by Carl Cameron and introduced a fastback roofline with a pot metal or electric shaver grill. The grille uses the rotating headlights fully (180 degree). If you are closing and opening the grille, it will look like as one piece unit. A feature like hidden headlamps is used to bring back the bold style of car. In the rear of the new Dodge, its fastback design ended to feature chromed charger lettering over a full width six lamp taillight.

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Well, you can see the inside that standard charger features a simulated wood-grain wheel for steering. The rear seats and center armrest pad are folded forward while the trunk divider is dropped back. This allows you for a generous space for cargo. There are more interior features of 1966 Dodge Charger like door panels, premium trim, vinyl upholstery and courtesy lights that I dare to say about classy design. When it comes to the engine, it consists of V8s although the 1968 has become the standard. Its transmission includes a three speed column steering.

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Black 1966 Dodge ChargerSize: 1000 x 666

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1966 Dodge Charger PartsSize: 1280 x 960

Red 1966 Dodge ChargerSize: 1200 x 803

1966 Dodge Charger RedSize: 1200 x 803

1966 Dodge Charger PhotosSize: 1600 x 1071

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In 1966, the Charger of Dodge was taken into NASCAR. However, it proved difficult to handle on the faster tracks because of the generated lift body. It was hard to drive and just like driving on ice, “the drivers claimed”. In the effort to cope with this issue, Dodge installed a small lip spoiler to improve traction. When it comes to prices, it is offered on the market at $45,000 approximately.

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