1988 Toyota Pickup Overview And Specs

1988 Toyota Pickup – It has gained exceptional reputation for reliability and sturdiness during sustained heavy use or even abuse. It has a nickname as The Indestructible Truck. It was reinforced on the BBC motoring show Top Gear. Well, it was when a 1988 diesel Hilux with 305,775 km on the odometer was subjected to abusive extraordinary. It was now suffering from structural damage severe yet the truck was still running after get some repairs but without spare parts. You can only find typical tools in a truck’s toolbox, such as motor oil, screwdrivers, and an adjustable wrench. You can find that The Hilux is currently resting as one of the decorations on the background in the Top Gear studio.

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A Hilux was chosen by Jeremy Clarkson to create an amphibious vehicle as his platform. Clarkson rigged the truck with assistance and massive outboard motor and the pickup bed with steering mechanism. The pickup redubbed the Toyota and was driven by Clarkson for several miles by road and 3.2 km crossing open water. The vehicle was moved back once recovered to the Top Gear Studio. This was where a confident Clarkson said that he would be the only one who can drive his truck home. Since it was the indestructible Hilux, he stated. After he could not get the Hilux started, the indestructible is destructed by Clarkson, how ironic!

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1988 Toyota Pickup RedSize: 1018 x 721

1988 Toyota Pickup MpgSize: 1000 x 927

1988 Toyota Pickup SpecsSize: 1600 x 1197

1988 Toyota Pickup ValueSize: 1024 x 768

1988 Toyota Pickup PartsSize: 1500 x 1000


It produced a sound of puffing and hissing when Clarkson turned the engine over. As though he removed the injectors and the heater plugs. 1988 Toyota Pickup specs can be red online to get yourself some more references.

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