1999 Toyota Tacoma Specs And Reviews

1999 Toyota Tacoma is a pickup truck that compact available in trims’ range and with 4WD or RWD. The Tacoma seats accommodate three passengers. For the generation of Toyota Tacoma1999, it received a new 6-speed Getrag with on the turbo models Toyota V160 gearbox. It was naturally aspirated models made that done with a 5-speed manual W58. It was then revised from the previous version. Each model of the Toyota Tacomas was offered with manual shifting mode of 4-speed automatic. The turbo models were equipped with tires and larger brakes.

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All vehicles of Toyota Tacoma including the model year 1999 were equipped with 5-spoke alloy wheels made of aluminum. Space saver spare tire on its wheel made of steel was meant to save weight and space. Toyota measures in the mean to reduce weight of this 1994 new model Tacoma. Aluminum was used for the targa top, hood, oil and transmission pans, front crossmember and the upper A-arms suspension. Hollow carpet fibers, plastic gas tank and lid, magnesium-alloy steering wheel, a single pipe exhaust and gas injected rear spoiler were also measured.

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The car was 200 lb lighter than its predecessor at least. The manual transmission was the base model with a curb weight of 3,210 lb. The addition of 40 lb Sport Roof and the 55 lb added into automatic transmission. The front rear had 51:49 weight distribution comparison. The turbo model weighed 3,450 lb meanwhile for the automatic and manual added another 10 lb. The weight distribution was approximated at 53% front/47% rear. The 1999 Toyota Tacoma was heavier than all aluminum bodied Acura/Honda NSX and the Spartan Mazda RX-7. Yet it was lighter than Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 and the Nissan 300ZX.

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