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2005 Nissan Titan is a pickup truck with 305 HP, MPG up to 14 city, 19 highway, towing capacity 6,500 to 7,400 lbs and bed length 67.2 to 79.2″. Crew Cab, King Cab and SE King Cab are most featured because of the great reliability. Parts and accessories are available to create a customized design both interior and exterior. There are also used ones for sale that you can access online at lower prices. Nissan Titan model year 2005 was given a facelift significantly with two grille variants of as new front fascia, along with rear fascia and interior.

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There was another face lift given when the addition of updated Nissan logo. It also received a bolder grille as well as a new radio display and steering wheel. The manual transmission 0–60 mph only took 7.2 seconds. Just within a quarter mile 15.2-seconds only at 92.4-mph time.

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A top-of-the-line, 2005 Titan pickup truck was equipped with a automatic transmission of four-speed turned in a 8.0-second 0-60-mph run with a 16.0-second/89.4-mph quarter mile time. At the same time, the Nissan Titan was one of few four-door and six-cylinder cars successfully sold in North America.

It was just with a standard manual transmission. It was a no cost option when it comes to the automatic which most Nissan Titans were equipped with. In Japan, this model Nissan badge was retired and this particular generation was sold there. It had previously been used on a Nissan Laurel-based with higher specification model with rear-wheel drive.

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On the Japanese market, a station wagon with Nissan Titan was also available. In The US, one version of the Nissan Titan was sold as the Infiniti I30. Yet the Nissan Titan 2005 model had subtle differences such as one-piece headlights, different fog light arrangements and a few assorted engine options.