2007 Acura TL Specs Reviews

2007 Acura TL is one luxury vehicle with 258 to 286 HP, MPG up to 20 city, 29 highway, wheel size 17″ diameter, 8″ width and fuel tank capacity 17.1 gal. Type S and 3.2 navigation are amazing that really reliable in their performance. Blue, black and silver and white are available to choose from. It is absolutely a fun car to drive! The performance of this car is quite a standard for an early 2000’s car yet still a very fun car to drive. You can do a great improvement in the handling with just some minor modifications on the suspension same with the brakes.

Posted on June 29, 2019 Honda

But it is a nice thing that they have 4 wheel disc brakes. The quality of the cars is built greatly as long as you take care of it. Just like Honda Acura’s, the wheel wells tend to rust in if you are not applying rust protector or just to keep it clean. The appearance is stunning but to me they are a nice looking car from all angles. I was glad to have this as one of my car collections. On the car’s Gas mileage as really good I would get 500-600 kms to a tank which is a 45 liter tank.

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2007 Honda Acura TL acceleration and handling were the best that I have ever experience among the available cars! The headers, exhaust and intake were awesome. It has nice sound and smooth. Both interior and exterior are looking good. I was truly in love with the dark interior and its power sunroof. I drove it just like in a dream.

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