2015 Z28 Specs

2015 Z28 is one of the most exceptional engines ever built. A thing for sure in matter of power and stability along with comfort when riding! Over the last 50 years, Ford, the GM and Chrysler muscle car wars are always become wonderful competitions. With the rebirth of Camaro in 2010 and an all-new Mustang dawning, the war is over. Each one of the manufacturers is lobbing for more potent missiles across the border. And one of the latest, the Camaro Z series has GM shooting stars. The 1967 Chevrolet Camaro has the original Z/28 performance package. Some people are already interested in turning their Camaros into racing cars.

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This means that the original Z Camaro is rare and desire. Well, since times have changed, there are less desirable on his all-new 2015 Camaro Z/28. Mostly, nowadays’ buyers are probably not having racing or even track time in mind. This is because people are much more in respect with safe ride than to own the most track-capable Camaro. Total suspension revamping, carbon ceramic brakes, optimized aero elements, and downforce are definitely brand new additions. These additions with some civilized interior features are shaved for lighter weight.

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2015 Z28 Vs ZL1Size: 3000 x 2000

2015 Z28 WheelsSize: 2048 x 1360

2015 Z28 InteriorSize: 1480 x 551

2015 Z/28 ModificationsSize: 1480 x 551

New 2015 Z28 RedesignSize: 1480 x 551

New 2015 Z28 ReviewSize: 2048 x 1360

2015 Z28 Price UpdateSize: 2048 x 1360

No more HID headlights or fog lights and meanwhile the back glass is thinner than before. Although with such brand new additions, the strong and powerful engine of 2015 Z28 is reliable. 505 hp with 481 lb-ft and 7.0 liter of gas are awesome. Grip is cool to make better riding simply yet very significantly. $75,000 is the worthy price for such amazing car engine along with modern and sporty exterior and interior design. 5 speakers for the radio are definitely wonderful to highly feature real sporty car.

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