10 Best Air Fryers Reviews for 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

air fryer reviews 2018

As we all know that the basic needs of man are Food, Shelter and Clothing, it is much evident that food is top in the priority list of the basic needs of man, it is when you eat that you can be alive to wear cloths and find a place to lay your head. To that effect man has kept on improving the standard and the level of luxury and satisfaction derived from these basic needs by making new innovations in how they work and how we interact with them. For the purpose of this article, we are concentrating on the Food and when we come into food we are focusing on Air Fryers.

To some people, the oily and greasy nature of fried meals has become a major turn off, but with the advent of air fryers, the way we cook and fry meals have received a revolution, so if you are healthy conscious and find it difficult letting your guards down on the flavor of what you eat, you can now enjoy a delicious and crunchy fried meal with the smallest quantity of residual oil. The food prepared by these air fryers are crunchy on the outside and very tender and soft inside and this is achieved because these fryers uses a hot air technology that cooks the food by circulating hot air in the fryer. These fryers have made the kitchens and kitchen utensils less greasy and shinier.

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Features Of A Reliable Air Fryer – Buyers Guide

Having said all these, let me drive my audience through the features of a good deep fryer, this will give you an insight of what inspired us in choosing our top 10 air fryers and it will help you the buyer to know which air fryer to settle for and which fryer is not worth buying at all.

  • Quick cooking: One of the reasons that make people to choose to buy air fryers is because of how efficient they are, the speed of cooking and mode of cooking also explains efficiency in full form, the rapidly fast mode of cooking by air fryers is ideal when you are cooking or frying things like chicken and potatoes that require to go from hard to soft before they are ready to be consumed. Air fryers have an insulated frying chamber which traps all the heat generated by the fryer thereby have a fully heated vacuum that cooks the food in an oil less way, some fryers are also enabled with the feature that allows users to choose their preferred mode of cooking.
  • Convenient Timers: Multitasking has become the order of the day, the average man wants a way to complete two or more tasks simultaneously, and this boils down to the ability of some home appliances to run their operations on their own without much supervision. Hence, the use of intelligent timers cannot be over emphasized, timers enable the air fryers to cook adequately, not over cooking or under cooking the food. An improvement in the timer trend is the incorporation of beeps and alarms to alert the user that the food is ready. Therefore it is highly not recommended to purchase fryers that do not have timers or dull timers unless you the consumer wants to opt into overcooking or under cooking the food.
  • Ease of cleaning: It is upsetting to see a kitchen appliance that has just being used for few months having this decayed or impossible to reach dirt or food residue in it, it usually puts the user off and the whole fun in cooking a food perceived as clean is not felt, hence, some air fryers require very little oil to fry especially when compared to deep fryers which automatically makes air fryers easier to clean, but as many of them come with manuals, it is wise to read the cleaning procedures and precautions in order to know the best way to disassemble and assemble the appliances before and after cleaning and also to know which is dishwasher safe and the recommended type of wash liquid to make use of.
  • Temperature Setting: Different foods have different cooking temperatures, so also, some foods require extreme temperatures when cooking starts and low temperature towards the end of cooking, so to that effect, buying an air fryer that has a smart temperature adjustment is recommended, if your fryer is able to attain a high temperature of 4000F then you are off to cooking virtually everything and anything in the world except stone. So depending on your mode of cooking, thorough check should be made on how versatile the air fryer is in handling temperature changes.
  • Appropriate Capacity: buying the right size of air fryer is a very important factor to look into before settling for one, they usually measured in pounds, liters and quarts, the wrong choice could either have you buying a fryer that is too big and occupies much space on the kitchen counter or a small one that makes you cook in turns or batches. If you are cooking for a small number of people, you can buy something smaller than 5 quarts but if you are cooking for a big family, then 5 and more is adequate. Over filling the fryer is not recommended as it can bring about slight malfunctions which can break down the appliance at any time.
  • Safety Features: Air fryers area giant step up from the level of deep fryers, with air fryers, are capable of protecting the user from scalding oil, they usually come with features like cool touch handles, automatic shut down when time elapses and while choosing which one to buy, look for one that has a cool touch casing so that when you accidentally come in contact with the surface, there will be no serious burn.
  • Accessible control panel: having an air fryer with a user friendly and easy to understand LED or LCD display is recommended, it makes cooking easy, especially in situations where there is the possibility of the air fryer being used by many people at different time.
  • Robust heating method: robust heating is a vital part of air fryers, the usual wattage of air fryers ranges from 1200-1500 watts, and it should be made with stainless steel which guarantees that the heating surface will not rust.

Some Benefits Of Air Fryers

  • No lingering smell: lingering smells are usually left after using deep fryers, these smells leaves the impression of a thick grease in our kitchen, but with air fryers, it is a thing of the past.
  • Healthier Food: food prepared with air fryers usually contain less fat and don’t have to be in the oil for a long time before being cooked
  • Fact cleaning: nobody likes the act of cutting through thick layers of fatty and greasy oil in the bid to clean the fryer. With air fryers, it is a past story.
  • Unattended Cooking: there are some fryers that come paddles, these paddles are able to gently turn the food while cooking, making it possible for the food to cook properly while you attend to any other thing.
  • Versatile: with Air fryers, one can cook frozen food, baked foods vegetables and more, by this single features, so many other appliances are duly replaced in the kitchen by the air fryer.

Who Should Use An Air Fryer?

The option of using an air fryer should be chosen by anyone who has passion for good taste and texture of fried food prepared with convenient means, buying and maintaining an air fryer can be easy because it ranges from below $100 to above $200, so there is an air fryer for everyone, people who need air fryers most are

People who don’t like much cleaning after cooking:

Air fryers utilizes hot air in cooking, meaning that it needs little oil to prepare food unlike the traditional deep fryers that require a lot of oil to cook a little quantity of food, the result is that oil splatters while cooking, so after cooking, you not only clean your utensils but you may end up cleaning even the floor of the cooking area as well as the table top.

After cooking with air fryers, many of the washable parts are removable and dish washer safe but only disposing the large quantity of oil in deep fryers and washing with a lot of detergent can be a big challenge on its own.

People who want to eat healthier:

Air fryers are able to give you a healthy diet in an awesome way without reducing the quality and taste of the food but disposing of all unnecessary fat and calories gotten from extra oil.

Air fryers uses hot air to cook, so it does not add extra calories by submerging the food inside oil but still produces even a better crispy food than deep fryers, study has shown that they are able to reduce the amount of fat contained in their food by eighty percent when compared with deep fryers.

People who want to cook food faster:

Air fryers are able to heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in three minutes making them super faster than the regular fryers, this can drastically cut down cooking time because you don’t have to wait for minutes before oil heats up as experienced in deep fryers before cooking, even air fryers with the pre heat feature heats up much faster than deep fryers.

People who just love fried food:

If you love fried food, I mean fried food is always on your list of what to eat, having a deep fryer is an economic and convenient way to satisfy your hunger, they produce the food fast, tasty and healthy and not only that, they can also be used to bake and roast.

10 Best Air Fryers

The following is the best collections of Air Fryers which i have picked based on popularity, rating and overall usefulness. To buy or learn more about any item simply click on image or button on the right side.

The boss is not just a boss, but a big boss in the game of air fryers, it is very versatile and easy to manipulate, its comes as a robust 16quart fryer and is able to have its temperature adjusted up to 4500F that means that the boss will be able to cook virtually anything that is edible in the kitchen and interestingly has the capacity to cook using Halogen, infrared. Some of you do not know much about this triple effect cooking method, but this is how it works, the food is heated up by the infra-red at a controlled internal moisture level and with the aid of an inbuilt fan, the heat created by the halogen lamp is circulated uniformly around the oven making it possible for you to cook at a speed which is 3 times the rate of a normal oven.

The big boss is meticulously designed to retain the moisture and flavor content of the food, that made it the best fryer for preparing cardio care without consuming a lot of oil, in fact this fryer is perfect for preparing foods like, deserts, meat, vegetables poultry and it is also perfect for preparing foods that are frozen fresh from the freezer without waiting for it to defrost, thanks to the triple cooking effect that it has. Worthy of being noted is the two trays that it has, it enables you to cook multiple foods at almost the same time.

However the big boss is not an overall boss, there are some shortcoming in the design of the big boss that made it not to be so user friendly, some of which are that it does not have an LCD or LED display which makes it looking like a 20th century appliance and a little bit difficult to operate, and also the timer tends to be set too long without given you the opportunity to ring back the dial, the cooker weighs about 15 pounds with a dimension of 16×12.5×13.5 which as I earlier said made it a big fryer but due to the short coming mentioned above, I guess that is why the big boss is a lot cheaper than its mates.

Don’t get it twisted, nothing is perfect, so these above mentioned trade-offs should not scare you, the Big Boss fryer is dish washer safe, and even though the glass bowl may appear bulky, hand washing it is also pretty easy to do, but I will recommend you use your hands to wash it unless you have a big dish washer set. For safety purposes, do not rub your body or touch the appliance while frying because it does get very hot during the cooking process, also I noticed that while frying chips, the chips in the middle didn’t fry as fast as the ones as the ones at the edges which made me fry for a longer while.

Having said all these, I want to say that having 2 trays which makes it possible to cook a two course at the same time, having a lifting tong and ring extender makes the big boss a very helpful appliance out of the box when compared to so many similar appliances in its price range. To summarize everything I have said, I’ll quickly run you through the pros and cons


  • It is easy to clean
  • It has a large cooking capacity
  • Glass makes it easy to check what is cooking
  • High temperature limit up to 4800F
  • Double cooking racks allowing you to cook different foods simultaneously
  • Comes with important accessories out of the box
  • Temperature is simple to set


  • Has an analog interface that makes it look old fashioned
  • Requires a lot of storage space on the counter
  • Even with the triple effect cooking, it still does not cook food evenly
  • Glass bowl conducts heat so readily that handling becomes a hazard
  • Timer is not 100% accurate

The Air Fryer by Cozyna comes in two specs, the 3.2L and the XL which is 5L and that implies that the smaller one can cook for two persons while the larger one can cook for a family, the cozyna range of air fryers are such good air fryers that are able to cook food with little oil thereby delivering quality fried food with no fat.

The Air Fryer by Cozyna comes with an amazing cookbook and e–book full of recipes, it has a generic design with follows the double knob trend, it also has a bottom drawer that houses the mesh basket, cleaning is made easy because these two elements are dish washer friendly and as usual, the analog temperature adjustment knob suffers what the other air fryers suffer which is in accuracy of the set temperature and set time, but the good side of it is that the Air Fryer by Cozyna reaches temperature of 3920F availing the user the freedom to cook a wide range of food. One of the key benefits of the Air Fryer by Cozynais that you can cook your food effortlessly and achieve quick and healthy food without any blemish.

When it comes to the accessories and extras, the Air Fryer by Cozyna comes with a 2 year warranty which assures us of a quality build, it also comes with an e-book as earlier mentioned and a cookbook with over 40 recipes, the bottom drawer is a bit difficult to open and close and this is like a design flaw because everybody is ranting about it, finally considering the price of the Air Fryer by Cozyna and its features and functions, I think the fryer is a bit on the high side in terms of price because you can get a cheaper air fryer that is capable of rendering same quality of services.


  • It has a cookbook and e-book with recipes
  • Easy and safe to wash with a dish washer
  • Comes in two specs, 3.2L and 5L
  • 2 year warranty


  • A bit overpriced
  • Exterior paint tends to peel
  • Generic design

The power air fryer is a portable and reliable air fryer, it optimizes a cyclonic hot air action which cooks food evenly giving you thoroughly and enticing food to dish out, it is capable of baking, steaming it can also saute, grill and roast your food which is awesome, so we can comfortably call it a multi-purpose cooker. The makers of this air fryer manufactured a beautiful appliance, it looks like the normal oval shaped fryers but with a more appealing rendering, the power air fryer comes with a 7 preset program for cooking different types of food, the temperature is capable of reaching 4000F, its adjustment can be easily manipulated and the machine is able to switch itself off when set time elapses thereby ensuring that the cooked food does not overcook or get burnt. It has a handle that does not readily conduct heat so there is no hazard in touching the fryer while the food is cooking.

However, reports and reviews from some users suggests that the drawer inside the fryer is wonderful conductor of heat and to that effect, while cooking in high temperature, the drawer tends to expand and when it expands, it becomes extremely difficult to remove the drawer and put it back, some even said that they have to wait a couple of minutes after cooking for it to cool down before removing it from the fryer so that it can return to its size, we hope the parent material used for this drawer is changed in the subsequent products. The recipe book is not left out on the list of short coming, the specified temperature and times seem to be deceptive and may land you into over cooking your food so I recommend you draft your own cooking recipe book based on trials and errors and final conclusion. The fryer heats up to 1,700 watts and worthy of note is that the handle is easy to grip and remains cool even in the peak of heating, making it user friendly al these are what is packed in the $150 air fryer, o say it’s a good price to pay but if you think it is expensive, the Power air fryer comes in two different sizes and the smaller size is 3.4 quarts and cheaper than the big one which coms in 5.3 quart, the big one can cook for 4-5 people and is more expensive than the small one.

In summary this is a very unique air fryer, awesome design and user friendly features, it maintains a decent standard in dispensing its services but that design flaw gotten from the drawer is a major turn off, though it I nothing to some users, others find it annoying and that affected the number of recommendations that the fryer has gotten, apart from that, the digital screen and accessories out of the box are something good to write home about. Now with all that have been mention, the Pros and cons are the next in line.


  • Uses cyclonic hot air to cook food
  • Comes in two variants big and small sizes
  • Digital touchscreen with 7 preset
  • Comes with a basket divider
  • Cool to touch handle even at extreme temperatures
  • 1700 watts


  • Warping of bottom drawer while cooking
  • Exterior walls can get very hot
  • Recipe book is not accurate
  • Quite expensive
  • Generic design

This is an intelligent fryer which suits virtually every cook, it comes packed with some interesting functions like the pre-heat function which brings the fryer to the required temperature for the food you want to cook, it also has a push-button touch screen, with that screen, one can adjust the temperature in intervals of 5 degrees and for safety reasons, the fryer does not start cooking unless the fry bucket is fixed in place.

The cooking is awesome, it cooks healthy food so if you are concerned about the fat and cholesterol content of the food you are about to eat, this fryer is a cool one as it uses very little or no oil in frying and still makes sure that no food item comes out of it 90% cooked.
The unit is average priced at $119, it weighs 8.01 pounds and comes in different colors and is able to cook for more than 2 people.


  • Pre-heat function
  • Circulates heat evenly
  • High temperature limit, 3900F
  • Ease of cleaning


  • Pre-heat feature can be time consuming
  • Food tends to stick to the basket
  • Additional accessories are sold separately

This is an awesome air fryer, it is stylish and portable, it suits people who like deep fried snacks and interestingly comes with a 7 preset cooking programs which will suit you depending on which food you want to cook, it also comes with a touch screen LCD which makes cooking more fun and easy.

It is certified by ETL and comes in a 3.2 quart size, it is able to reach extreme temperatures of about 3900F which is super awesome for an air fryer of this size, it also affords the user a healthy mode of cooking optimizing the rapid air circulation in frying food and as we have noticed, food prepared in this way always come out good soft and crispy, apart from that it also comes with timer that counts up to 30mins, with the preset you can warm up food, chips, chicken, meat etc

Apart from the preset cooking programs and smart touchscreen, it boasts of a button guard which secures the detachable basket from slipping of during frying or cooking also as it regards safety, it has an automatic switch off button, overheat protection and auto standby mode.


  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Cooks food quickly
  • The manual and directions are easy to understand
  • Cooks delicious and crispy food


  • The non-stick coating peels off easily
  • The outer wall of the fryer gets extremely hot during cooking

Avalon Bay AirFryer is a smart and innovative air fryer which is capable of preparing your favorite meal in a healthy way in a way that brings out all the flavor in the food without compromising the health benefits of the food, it uses a rapid air circulation technology to fry its food. This rapid air technology really cooks good food and that alone made this fryer to be able to compete with much more expensive fryers, in face we were impressed with the fried chicken and chips we prepared with the fryer, they came out well cooked and tasted great.

It comes with some accessories which makes cooking easier and makes frying, baking, roasting and grilling a lot more easier, the accessories include, multi-use layer rack, mesh basket and non-stick baking pan.

This fryer comes in two variants, the digital and analog versions with the digital being a bit more expensive than the analog and also providing more precise timing while cooking, the digital also comes with some preset cooking programs which is a big advantage when compared with the analog.

This fryer has an awesome XL fan technology that dries the oil from the food, it is also capable of intelligently cooking the food evenly due to the fact that the pan housing the basket or layer-rack is raised slightly at the center. This tweak goes a long way in fixing the problem of uneven cooking suffered by other fryers.


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Easy to clean
  • Even cooking at all times
  • Helpful accessories
  • Digital variant is 2 steps forward


  • Does not have a safety hatch on the handle
  • Quite expensive
  • The analog timer is not as accurate as the digital, and the timer does not stop ticking even after the food is removed

When you are faced with a lot of hungry mouths to feed, the Philips XL Airfryer should become your best friend, it has a dimension of 42.3×31.5×30.2, and it is sizable but definitely is not taking up as much space as the XL sounds, it weighs about 15.5 lbs. some users may say it is hefty so if you are not up to4 in the house, just find a smaller fryer. It comes with a 60 minute which is able to trigger the switch on and off when the time elapses, so you can mind other things while the food cooks, it is also able to fry food in as short as 15-30mins which is awesome when compared to the conventional fryers. Still on frying, the oven is able to cook a thousand modern day recipes ranging from spring rolls or Moussaka to French fries in a very short while.

Phillips as a company has gone wild and wide in its research towards manufacturing kitchen appliances that are always better and more useful than their predecessor, their technology is top notch, speaking about technology, the Philips XL Air fryer is equipped with the rapid air technology which allows you to roast, fry and grill food in the most possible efficient way while maintaining the flavor and also does well in reducing the amount of smell let into the air making it best for shared living spaces.

When I tried frying my locally grown African potatoes with this appliance, the result was awesome, these potatoes are usually hard and tend to discolor if not at once, and if fried with the wrong temperature, will not get evenly fried, but to my utmost surprise, in little time my potato chip was ready and the brown color was amazing, inside the potato was soft and the flavor was rich, I also tried frying pork with it and because the air fryer uses less oil, it seemed like it extracted the oil from the pork and gave me a perfectly fried meat. So I noticed that just as advertised by the company, the star fish design allows hot air to circulate evenly resulting to a tender and soft interior and crisp exterior. The rapid air technology is a giant step forward in their range of products and it circulates well in the fryer ensuring that the potato was evenly cooked. Even when I fried chicken and chips, they are came out well cooked and please do not forget to flip the food while cooking, and this helps in producing awesome results.

It comes with a digital LCD screen which allows the temperature to be set up to 3900F, though not the highest, it gets to fry virtually any food, this air fryer is quite expensive with a price that exceeds $200, but I must say that it comes with some extras like recipe booklet that has more than 150 recipes and also a free app it is also worthy to not that this fryer has a memory feature which enables you to save the cooking setting of a particular recipe in case you want to repeat the exact same recipe any other time. The components are dish washer friendly and care was taken to make sure that the parts that get dirty easily are easy to disassemble. The Philips XL Airfryer was endorsed by Michelen star chef and TV-personality Gordon Ramsay that alone is a good review and credit to the Philips XL Airfryer.

So let’s slide through the Pros and cons and see how well it fairs.


  • Family sized
  • Easily adjustable temperature reaching 3900F
  • Star fish design promotes the ability to cook perfectly and circulate heat evenly
  • Durable engineering that will serve
  • Smart Memory pre-set feature
  • Auto shut down
  • Multiple accessories out of the box


  • Significantly heavy
  • Smokes a little while cooking meat
  • Quite expensive
  • Mesh basket is not so easy to clean
  • No pre saved options for cooking the common food

So many user reviews rate this as the best healthy food fryer, the unit measures about 9inches in height and 12inches wide, the design of this unit is away from the ordinary and regular air fryers, it changed the rules in the design of air fryers and defended it well. It comes with a paddle which slowly rotates and in that process turns the food over therefore putting it in the lead, users don’t have to take out the basket and flip the food over as seen in other fryers.

Cooking with this unit feels as effortless as breeze, you just need to toss the food in, add a spoon of oil and close the lid, set the timer and the time limit here is up to 99minutes and the temperature reaches extreme of 3380F which is good enough and renders food that crisp and flawless be it chicken wings or roast meats.

However this unit comes with a major flaw, it needs a lot of attention, the units lacks an auto shut off feature and that means that if left unattended, it will continue cooking your food long after the food is done, another challenge with this unit is that reports have it that the paddle tends to squash soft and small food items and sometimes results to jam in the operation of the machine.

All parts are detachable and dishwasher friendly so cleaning is a very easy task to perform on this unit, it is big enough to serve up to 3 persons. A measuring spoon is included to help in measuring, the internal space can cook up to 2.2lbs of food and the ceramic pan is non-stick so food may not necessarily stick to the pan even though the machine may overcook the food. As for the price, I think it is quite expensive when placed with the quality of user features it has, $154


  • Paddle assists in turning the food
  • Includes a measuring spoon
  • Convenient and Easy to clean
  • Simple operation
  • High temperature
  • Viewing window does not get foggy
  • Cooks for more than 2 people


  • Not recommended for frying doughnuts
  • Feels a bit bulky
  • Price is higher than what it offers
  • Needs full attention
  • Fixed temperature
  • Paddle tends to squash soft food and also jam the unit

The Black and Decker Air Fryer is one of the best in the market, it uses a dual convection fan to push in air that circulates around the oven and cooks food evenly, the food comes out perfect and you don’t need extra oil to make the food come out crispy and soft, it is able to get up to 4000F and that means that it can cook a wide variety of food. With this brief overview, one can see that the Black and Decker Air Fryer is built to perform beyond expectation and it also comes with a 2 year warranty. Isn’t that a bet of durability?
When I tested it out on some fries, I noticed that it fares well with chicken nuggets, hamburgers, onion rings, chickens and other similar foods, the dual convection fans goes a long way in making sure that food comes out crispy and soft.

It is a relatively small fryer, it can only cook for 2 people but it is good to note that the Black and Decker Air Fryer has an auto switch which switches the appliance off once cooking time has elapsed, so no need to worry about burnt food, the timer is up to 60mins which is more than what you get in fryers at its level, the unit boasts of a basket and a divider making it possible for one to cook two portions of food at once, the basket and divider are non-stick and dish washer safe, which makes cleaning it easy, the handle does not conduct heat readily meaning that grabbing the fryer handle even when its cooking at high temperature is not dangerous. You will also see two indicator lights whereby ones shows that the air fryer is switched on, while the other shows when preheat temperature has been attained which helps one cook at the exact desired temperature instead of watching assuming it has reached the desired temperature.

The issue with the Black and Decker Air Fryer is the analog knob, yes we know that many air fryers have that same problem of temperature inaccuracy, but this one also has a problem of the fonts being ineligible, reading the temperature calibration is difficult and that pisses users up because this is something they have to endure each they use the unit.

Apart from that, the Black and Decker Air Fryer is affordable, it is about $100 but is able to cook food far better than even more expensive and sophisticated air fryers and as far as we are concerned, that’s the point a fryer needs to score.


  • 2 year warranty
  • Dual convection fans
  • Food is cooked with little or no oil
  • Heat is distributed consistently
  • Pre heating and auto shutdown function
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Basket and divider for dual cooking
  • Perfect for small kitchen due to portable size


  • Very small
  • Font used in temperature setting is small
  • It creates a slight plastic smell that affects the taste of the food
  • Limited accessories

Cooking is made a lot easier with the help of Philips Airfryer HD9220/28, all you need to do is switch on the fryer, empty your food into the fryer put as little oil as possible and voila, the food is ready to be served, it is that easy. The particular fryer is smaller than the earlier mentioned Philips but still retains the Philips good cooking quality.

It has a very appealing design and looks awesome from any vantage point, people who love analog dial will love this fryer and another interesting thing about its design is that it has its temperature dial embedded in the shell of the fryer, it is located on the top edge and equally feels solid and easy to use. It is recommended that after cooking the food, caution should be applied not to press the button on the top, this button is usually hidden and if pressed, it releases the basket from the tray. Like other Phillips fryers, it comes with the patented star fish and rapid air cooking technology with which it does all the wonders in cooking.

In terms of size, it is 38.4×28.7×31.5 in dimension and is weighs about 1.75 lbs., it is pretty small and can feed 2 to 3 people but if you have more mouths to feed, then we recommend you go for the bigger brother the Philips Airfryer XL. Apart from that, the analog approach to this fryer is actually easier to operate and will possibly last longer due to having less electronic parts.

Finally it is an awesome appliance, even though it does not come with a lot of accessories, it is durable and cooks good food, the price is moderate and fits its capabilities.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable and rugged design
  • Looks good
  • Comes with a loaded recipe cookbook
  • Able to stop cooking when time elapses
  • Uses significantly less oil
  • Delicious and appetizing cooking outcome


  • Fewer accessories in the box
  • Basket release button can take user unaware


This is a personal opinion, but one assurance you can take home is that each of these fryers are awesome in their own way, it all boils down to cooking preferences, there is an air fryer for everyone, there is no worry if the number one on this list is not your number but after reading carefully, perhaps you may have a new personal number one. These advancement in kitchen appliance is really welcome and does lots of wonders to people who want to lose or watch their weight and still maintain a healthy life style.

My favorite on the list is the Phillips XL, I have a big family of 6, it cooks for us all at once and personally it seemed like it was made for me, if you have a smaller family, the Philips 9220/28 is going to be awesome for you, they have made a name and are ready to hoist their flag higher.

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