20 Best iPhone Accessories to Buy in 2018

best iphone accessories

Apple is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world. Apple manufactures world-class gadgets. The iPhone, the MacBook, the iPad and the airpods are all Apple manufactured products. An inception of Steve Jobs, Apple is one of the most valued brands in the world. Currently headed by Tim Cooks, it is an enterprise that only aims to seek brilliance. In the third quarter of 2017, the iPhone held a high percentage of market shares among its rivals. This makes the iPhone one of the most widely used smartphones in the world.

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The iPhone is compatible with a number of accessories. Here are the best iPhone accessories

As the name suggests, this accessory allows you to charge your iPhone 8 or later models wirelessly. You just need to place your iPhone in the charging pod. It is compatible with all Qi-enabled phones.

Once you buy this, you wouldn’t have to worry about your wires or cables. It uses the fast charge technique to charge the iPhone faster. It is available at 156 USD.

This handy tripod is a must for people who want to make the best use of their iPhone. This compact tripod allows the phone to be placed either in landscape and portrait. Also, if you like reading on your iPhone, it is one of the best iPhone accessories for you. You can place the smartphone on the tripod and read. Also, the iPhone’s camera and the handy tripod makes it easier for you to video conference. The pod has three legs that balance the weight of the device. It also uses the stance port onto the iPhone’s lightning fast port. It makes the iPhone stick onto the tripod. You can buy this item for 52$.

This accessory is for all those people who enjoy running. The TuneBand allows you to connect your phone to a band. The band allows you to access all your iPhone ports. So you can easily switch between your favorite songs while running. Also, this screen is completely accessible. So if you just want to check your favorite apps while you take a break, buy this accessory right now. The TuneBand also comes with a screen protector. No other brand offers this. Buy this item for 20$

This handy Bluetooth tracker never allows you to forget your important items. You can attach this tiny tracker with your keys, wallet or bags. Even if you forget where you kept them, track their whereabouts using the tile style. The tile rings aloud when you click on your phone. The ringing is loud and is sufficient. When you find the item, just press the middle button on the tile to stop the ringing. Also, double tapping on this button will make your phone ring loud- even when on silent! This is just one of the few amazing features of the Tile Style. You can buy the tile style for 35$.

We all know that the iPhone cables are delicate things. One needs to take proper care of the wires, else they break at the ends. Often, the lightning cables break at its endpoints- either at the USB end or the other end. The best way to conserve the life of these cables is to use a cable protector. The cable protector comes in various colors. Also, the company ships a random color every time a user places an order. So you will never know what product you’ll receive. Isn’t that exciting?
This product costs 1$

The wireless keyboard can be connected to the iPhone using the phone’s Bluetooth. The wireless keyboard is lightweight. Also, it has a slim design which makes it easier to carry around. The keyboard is powered by batteries which run for just about 6 months with regular usage. The keys are quite light and are easy to press. So it is easier for you to write using this keyboard. This is a great buy for people who like to maximize the use of their iPhone. Buy this product for 23$.

iPhone comes with limited storage unless one can afford the expensive iCloud. The iPhone can connect to the iOS USB flash drive through its lightning port. All your camera pictures automatically backup onto the flash drive. Also, the drive is protected by your thumbprint, so no one can steal your data. The flash drive is packed with encryption. The file transfer rate is quite high (80 Mb/s). The iOS USB Flash drive also serves as an OTG. The accessory comes with 32GB memory space. You can buy it from Amazon for 30$.

The idea of changing lens came when DSLR upgraded. Now you can ‘change’ the power of your lens. The power of the lends can be upgraded by adding a clip-on lens. Types of the lens include the fisheye lens, wide angle lens among various other types. All the people who like taking nice pictures but don’t want to invest in a camera and buy the lens kit. These lenses come in packs of four- making it easier for you to combine and experiment. Buy the lens through Amazon for 25.99$.

It is one of the best iPhone accessories for people like recording audio on their phone. If you want to do a podcast or record a sing, buying a professional mic would be an expensive idea. However, if you buy this item, you can get the same benefits for one-fourth of the price. The package contains a wired mic which inserts into the 3.5mm jack of the iPhone. Just plug the device and record crystal clear voice. You can buy this product through Amazon for 33$.

This phone holder is best suited for all the car owners. The Kanu airframe allows you to hook your iPhone onto the powerful holder. The holder is placed in the vents of AC. This gives the overall mainframe added strength. Also, it comes with 2 USB ports. Which can be used to charge devices. Also, the grip of the holder is adjustable. So you can attach almost any smartphone or phablet with the Kanu Airframe. Also, it has fast charged. So your phone will charge quickly. Buy this item at 40$

It is always not possible for you to carry your iPhone cable everywhere. So just carry the Micro USB to lightning Charge sync converter. The attachment is very small and compact. This attachment converts the lightning port into a USB port. So you can charge your smartphone using a normal Android Cable. Also, these cables can be used on various other Apple products like the iPad. Also, these come in the packets of 3. So even if you lose one, you’ll have two spares at home. Buy this product from Amazon for 1$.

This mountable attachment also comes along with a cover- in the price of one. The mount is made up of aluminum. Hence it has a long durable life. It can be mounted on a bike and is one of the best iPhone Accessories for all bike aficionados. While riding the bike, you can use your phone for navigation by using the Rokform Pro Bike Mount. The mount can be tilted to 75 degrees, so you can adjust it according to your height and posture. Buy this item for 83$

It is one of the best iPhone accessories for all the gamers. The gamepad has a mountable top on which you can mount your iPhone. The gamepad can be connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth. The gamepad follows XBOX model and has a nice sturdy design. It runs on AAA batteries that last fairly long with regular use. A variety of games can be played on this gamepad. You can download them using the App Store.
Buy this product from Amazon for 50$

It is one the best iPhone accessories for people who love music. The JBL Charge 3 boats of sheer brilliance that reflects highly in its high-quality design. The speakers are portable and connect to the phone via Bluetooth. The sound quality of the speakers is high class, generating good bass. It offers 20 Hr payback time. Also, it serves as a power bank and can be used to charge any smartphone. While the speaker is connected to your phone, you can take calls and talk to them through the wireless speaker. The speaker has a cylindrical design and has a lightweight- making it highly portable.

The case keeps your iPhone safe. You won’t feel the need of buying a case for your iPhone once you buy this. Your phone can be covered by the case. The case has a sleek design so you can access the entire screen and all the buttons. It offers military-grade protection. As a result, the case will protect the phone against drops. Its weight is also quite less. The case can be connected to the various lens of the same company.

The iPhone X doesn’t feature a 3.5 mm jack. Also, Apple supplies its own Airpods with the iPhone X that can be connected to the lightning port. However, once you use the wireless airpods, you’ll feel the comfort of going wire-free. They connect to the iPhone using Bluetooth. Also, the mic comes into the airpods. These earphones come with their own charger and have a battery life of more than 24 hours. It is available at 188$.

The Nodus Case gives your iPhone an added extra layer of protection. It protects your phone from scratches. The case also has a few side pockets. So you can keep your cards of daily usage safely decked into the case. It is made of fine Italian leather. It uses Micro-suction technology to keep the iPhone attached to the case. The design is slim and sturdy and you can fit up to three cards inside. Even with the extra cards, you won’t feel any extra weight. Buy this item for 20$.

This 5 ft long cable also acts as a power bank. The extra length of wire allows you to lay back, relax and use your phone even when the charging outlet is far away. The battery cable has a 2350 mAh capacity. Also, the Nomad used the filter technology, so your iPhone charges first and then the cable once you connect it to a power source. You can buy this item for- 50$.

The Beats Solo3 comes with amazing sound and powerful battery life. The headphones are completely wireless. So you just need to connect your iPhone via Bluetooth and you are ready to go. The headphones are available in various colors. They can be charged with any Android charger. The Beats Solo3 deliver a sound which is crystal clear. The headphones generate high bass, so you might want to keep the volume low. Buy this product now.

The Beats Solo3 comes with amazing sound and powerful battery life. The headphones are completely wireless. So you just need to connect your iPhone via Bluetooth and you are ready to go. The headphones are available in various colors. They can be charged with any Android charger. The Beats Solo3 deliver a sound which is crystal clear. The headphones generate high bass, so you might want to keep the volume low. Buy this product now.


There are a lot of Apple accessories found on the market but it’s really difficult to find the right product to match your needs from the right vendor unless you’re familiar enough with the product before. Here you tried to feature the most popular and trending accessories for Apple products (iPhone & iPad) that you can buy from Amazon.

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