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Lego Robie House – We don‘t have to look very far to find out the secrets of happiness and joy in everyday life. We just need to seem just a little closer at our kids. Laughter is natural inside a child’s world. If we spend a bit more time playing with these, we just could be reminded of a couple of life’s greatest lessons.

Posted on November 2, 2017 Lego Ideas

Listed below are 5 life lessons our kids can educate us :

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1. Use your imagination. – Children always employ their imagination, whether or not they are playing a game or creating an artistic masterpiece with some crayons. They adore inspiring stories, dreams and ideas that seem almost impossible. As adults we often forget to make use of our imagination. The significant world has trained us to become more analytical than creative. Since we’re creatures of habit, we also often become stagnated within our comfort zones, doing a similar things again and again again.

2. Keep an open mind. – Children always keep their mind open to everything the planet needs to offer them. Their judgments are made strictly on first-hand experience because few external influences happen to be present with their lives enough to steer their beliefs and judgments. Basically, children are constantly ready to undertake anything new. Once we hit adulthood we often become creatures of habit, comfortable inside a familiar setting, and fewer prone to venture out into new territory. We‘re skeptical of things we have not yet experienced, and in delivering the service, we walk far from numerous opportunities which are just waiting for those inside the wings.

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3. Reside in the present moment. – Children live moment by moment. Their feelings, ideas and mood tend to be entirely depending on events inside the current moment as they simply unfold. It may be foolish to claim that personal time management planning and planning for future years is unnecessary in adulthood. However, it might be also foolish to ignore all of the opportunities that oftentimes present themselves spontaneously inside the present moment.

4. Focus on a single thing at any given time. – Each time a child is playing jump rope, she‘s enjoying the jump rope and just the jump rope. She is not skipping and simultaneously thinking in regards to the finger art project she’ll complete afterward as well as Lego house she’ll build tomorrow. She is totally focused on a single thing – the task available. As adults, we are likely to get stressed-out because attempt to do a lot of things simultaneously so we finish up multi-tasking our way into frustration. So decelerate and concentrate on a single thing at any given time.

5. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures. – Yes, children adore toys. However they do not require a collection of best selling toys in an effort to be happy. Put a toddler inside a rain puddle and watch her splash around using the biggest grin on her face. Give a toddler permission to chase the dog all around the house for a few minutes, and watch the joy and laughter unfold. Or just simply tickle a child’s belly until she is red in the head. All of these are simple pleasures that children enjoy. Let this serve like a kind reminder the best things in everyday life are free.

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