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 Chariot Bike Trailer – An avid biker, I made use of to invest a lot of my weekends riding upon the dirt trails with husband. Not just was it a very good workout, it was eventually a good method for couple bonding. Actually, it was eventually through biking that many of us got to understand one another. We‘re members in an online biking forum then and once joining a couple of biking trips, our adore for biking eventually brought us together.

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Things, however, started to alter when We‘ve our first baby 2 years back. Due to the increased family commitments, We‘re unable to reach on adventure trips as often once we want to. I pretty much thought it marked finished of my adore affair with biking. Well, a minimum of not for the following couple of years. But a recommendation given by a fellow biking enthusiast changed everything. He encouraged us to install a toddler bike trailer to our bikes to ensure that we could bring our baby along for our particular trips !

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I had to admit that I‘d been rather apprehensive from the idea initially since we are likely to speed on our bikes. Nonetheless, both of people made a decision to check it out out. And guess what? Our baby loved the ride such a lot she would often chuckle whenever we put her straight into the bike trailer !

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What Are Child Bike Trailers?

Just in case you are not familiar, child bike trailers are chariot-like carriages linked with the rear of the bicycle. Contrary to popular belief, such child bike trailers are actually pretty safe since they‘re usually made of lightweight but strong frames and materials. Additionally they come having a weather canopy which will protect the kid coming from the sun or rain. Besides that, a variety of safety options are made inside the trailer to avoid tipping. And the majority, if its not all bike trailers comes designed with safety belts to the child inside the carriage. For parents attempting to find multi-functionality, some bikes trailers could be also converted to strollers.

My Experience With My Bike Trailer

Inside my point of view, the child bike trailer not just let me continue my adore for biking, It‘s also given me a chance to bond with 2 year old toddler. Very often during our trips, I might pack along some some food, drinks so we would stop using a nice shady tree for a household picnic. Believe me, kids just adore it !

While having fun, it is also essential to bring safety precautions to ensure the ride is comfortable and safe to the child. For instance, I might ensure my girl wear a rider helmet and fasten her seat belt before I take off. I might also refrain from cruising at too fast a speed to ensure the ride wasn‘t so bumpy on her. At the conclusion from the day, I do know something for sure.

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