Exciting 2016 Mazda RX 7 News

If you want to ride a very good quality of vehicle, then 2016 Mazda RX 7 news will be very exciting. It has not officially said but a thing for sure everyone wants one. It is going to make the car world to become more exciting with the existence of 2016 Mazda RX 7. Are you a sport car lover? Then waiting doe this modern car is going to worth the time. The specs are awesome for real modern people. Just like what you can see on the image gallery on this post, the Mazda RX 7 highly feature sport as modern muscle car. Do you want to get some more spec reviews? Here check these out!

Posted on June 24, 2019 Mazda

The brand new RX 7 Mazda has kodo design language with some sharp cues along the way. The rear fog lamp is nifty to the rotary engine. Skyactiv rotary hybrid engine is really modern with fuel efficiency to make the optimal when riding. The gearbox could be manual and automatic. Which one do you prefer? Both options are for sure available to choose from based on your own preferences. It has 300 – 350 horsepower as basic power of sport cars. But a thing to take for granted in featuring real modern and elegant muscle car with great power.

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Mazda RX 7 is lightweight with only 2, 748 lbs. This is the very best car recommendation for those who are looking for power with good handling. The design does represent the modern muscle car very significantly. If you are really an admirer of Mazda RX 7 redesign, then waiting for it will be just worth your time.