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Superhero Books –  Superheroes are available many sizes and shapes. For Rick Niece, his hero came confined inside a wheelchair. Side-Yard Superhero : Life Lessons From your Unlikely Teacher is really a coming-of-age tale from the friendship that emerged between a nine-year old, small village paper boy and the foremost special from the 72 customers on his route, Bernie Jones.

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Bernie, crippled with cerebral palsy at birth, sits inside the side yard of his home in 1950’s Degraff, Ohio, every day (weather permitting ) waiting to the newspaper. For nine years, six days every week, Rick Niece, the nine-year old paper boy, stops and reads Dick Tracy to Bernie before refolding the paper and delivering it to his special customer, placing it gently in her lap.

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As time passes, a friendship emerges. Many of the most heart-warming and well-written stories in the instructions are people who recount the escapades from the two boys as Nick takes Bernie on increasingly more adventurous excursions.

The week before he leaves Degraff for

Six years later, Rick goes attempting to find Bernie. But Bernie’s house is torn down, Bernie is gone, and nobody in Degraff knows where. Side-Yard Superhero : Life Lessons From your Unlikely Teacher follows Rick Niece’s look for Bernie, culminating inside a surprising and sobering reconnection and reunion.

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Author Rick Niece has written a beautiful story beautifully. He shares with us what he calls his

what we expect we remember and just how we expect we remember it. As Niece puts it, he is well known regarding his written a

This book is an enjoyable read. A couple of times it made me laugh by actually speaking. More than once I stopped, closed the instructions and merely remembered – remembered my very own 1950’s we were young inside a neighborhood with factories, paper boys and, yes, just a little neighbor who, on sunny days, sat outside in her own wheelchair.

Almost like a by-the-way, Side-Yard Superhero : Life Lessons From your Unlikely Teacher is sprinkled with poems, also written by Rick Niece, poems which are light yet thoughtful, poems with lines for example

As well as if you‘re both Not what you had been, you‘re each as you need to be remembered.

That verse goes into my next adore letter to my husband. And

is being conducted my ‘keeper’ bookshelf.

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