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Pegoretti Bikes – Sky Yaeger is leaving her mark upon the bicycle world because the 1970s. Her years at Bianchi brought us such industry-shaking models.She also introduced the planet towards the first production single-speed ATBs (the Bianchi BOSS, BASS, BUSS, MUSS, DISS, SISS, SASS, WUSS, GUSS, MUSS and LEWIS ). Since she joined Swobo in 2006, it appears that she is offered the freedom to let her imagination and her design sense run wild. The outcomes are wonderful. Swobo’s bikes are unlike anything the planet has ever seen. Who would have imagined a galvanized bicycle frame until Yaeger caused it to be happen?

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I wanted to comprehend Yaeger’s design philosophies and motivations, so I asked her to carry out an interview. I‘d been overjoyed when she agreed.

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Q : You‘ve actually been in the market for several years now. Could you tell us a little concerning your history with bicycles and bicycle companies?

A : My first 10-speed, once we called them, would be a used bike I bought in 1970 for $60. 00. I‘d been in sophomore in highschool there would be a senior who I did not really know who had the only real other bike in college. Riding a bike wasn‘t cool, but I loved the liberty. My friends had the usage of a car, so I did not obtain a driver’s license until I‘d been in college and did not obtain a car until I‘d been 30 years of age. I worked inside a Schwinn shop in the first 70’s after which worked inside the famous Yellow Jersey bike shop in Madison during and once college. Inside the late 80’s I‘d been the marketing manager for Suntour USA and once the Japanese closed the corporate I visited Bianchi USA. I‘d been there for 17 many made the transfer to Swobo 2 years back.

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Q : The Swobo bicycle product line appears to be almost Shimano-free. Why so?

A : It wasn’t the aim, and a result from the model mix, once we do not have bikes with derailleurs. We‘ve 3 single-speed bikes and three internal hub bikes inside the line now. The Folsom includes a Shimano coaster brake hub that Shimano Japan is customizing for those, having a longer axle. I prefer all internal hubs, but command times for Shimano are for much longer than with SRAM now. The new SRAM i-Motion 9 hub is the only real internal hub offered with 9 speeds. The SRAM internal hubs possess a more user-friendly cable attachment in the hub, along with being serviceable, by swapping the guts, which negates a wheel re-build if there‘s a problem. Spec’ing high-quality German-made hubs also differentiates our bikes from everything else available, as We‘re the only real company inside the North American market by using the i-Motion 9 hub.

Q : Can you think that derailleurs really certainly can be a thing in past years? Can you think you‘ll ever spec another bicycle with derailleurs?

A : Until we may bring an infinitely variable internal drivetrain to market with a weight the roadies could endure, derailleurs are extremely much not really a thing in past years. I‘ve nothing against derailleurs ! I will imagine spec’ing a bike with derailleurs, yes. For many urban riding, however, an internal hub bike just makes more sense considering all of the benefits. There is grounds why bikes with internal hubs are the most typical kinds of bikes in Europe, in which the primary use of bikes is perfect for transportation.

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A : For many cities with flat terrain, I believe 3 speeds is enough. Certainly there will be lots and lots of people riding one-speed fixies in hilly cities like SF, so plenty depends upon the rider and also the intended use. We’re seeing many people that have been riding fixies wanting a 3-speed now, for additional utility.

Q : Your bicycle designs are so very different coming from the offerings of other company. What inspires them? Can there be a design thread which ties all of your Swobo bikes together?

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