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Hummer h2 – if you are looking for the best car for your life within the good and cool styled garage and off course hummer h2 is recommended. This is as one of the good type of big car for off road and it was produced among 2003-2009 with various research, and the effort of the manufacturers to equip this car to be the best strong car. With the army look, hummer h2 will be very good for you off course that can make you look so cool both off road and on road. Here are for the more reviews regarding hummer h2.

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Hummer h2 is a type of pickup truck with all entire good and innovative body design both for its interior and exterior. With its very outstanding design of the strong truck car, it will be good for any area including watered and stoned. With 393 HP this hummer h2 is one of the very strong car that will run quickly while dive. Hummer h2 was powered originally by a 6.0-liter V8 good for 316 horsepower and 360 pound-feet of torque and coupled to a four-speed automatic transmission, the H2 was upgraded to a 6.2-liter 393-hp V8 and a six-speed automatic transmission for 2008.

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Hummer h2 is also equipped with H2 SUT which replaced the cargo area with a truncated pickup-style bed. It was equipped similarly to the regular H2. With 8,200 lbs for the towing capacity and 32 gal for the fuel tank capacity, this hummer h2 will be the remarkable car with all its feature. Its curb weight is 6,614 lbs and 1,986 lbs for payload. Hummer h2 produced in 2009 also has the better power than other series and this car will be the perfect truck pick up to choose.

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