Specs Of 1967 Dodge Dart

1967 Dodge Dart is an automobile built in North America. Its production was extended in various markets and in 2013 was resurrected in the name of Fiat-derived compact car. Well, the Dart name was actually since 1957 that showed a body of car designed by Italian coachbuilder named Carrozzeria Ghia. It was introduced with low price, wheelbase that shorter and full size Dodge in the 1960s. Since then, it has become a mid size car and eventually made into compact car. Both Dart and Plymouth Valiant which these two are brother and sister, they were redesigned in 1967.

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New styling makes the car has brand new steering systems. It has also wider front track with frame rail spacing which redesigned to accept larger engine. The Dart would like to keep it as basic form with facelifts that consist of interior and exterior styling. A rear window that has been restyled by the Dart features compound inverse curves. This creates a very unique look at the rear but tends to collect show more. Well, this will cause a blindspot for the driver. So a curved glass is used to make sure that this thing will not happen at all. You can see the single headlamps are placed forward of the center section of recessed to define the front plane.

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1967 Dodge Dart PartsSize: 700 x 525

Awesome 1967 Dodge DartSize: 1024 x 768

Brown 1967 Dodge DartSize: 750 x 501

1967 Dodge Dart RedSize: 790 x 527

1967 Dodge Dart PicturesSize: 1935 x 1287

Unique1967 Dodge DartSize: 1023 x 767

1967 Dodge Dart GtSize: 1024 x 624

1967 Dodge Dart RedSize: 750 x 562

1967 Dodge Dart GtsSize: 1280 x 800

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The Dart lineup is made by the new design beginning with the elimination of its station wagons. It has also a convertible hardtop of 2 and 4 door sedans. The Dart badged the base model of 170. Along with the all other 1967 Dodge Dart, Chrysler products got a new dual circuit brake which hydraulic in system to make sure about pressure loss in the front brakes. This will also make sure that rear brakes to work properly and otherwise. The system is incorporated into a brake system fault on the dashboard. Well, you can see the elegance of Dodge Dart 1967 on the photos.