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Ssr Pit Bikes – This post concerns everyone who just bought a pit bike on the internet and are wondering what needs to be done after assembling it !

Posted on November 18, 2017 Bike Models

Most manufacturer manuals along with other sources will inform you a similar thing about running the engine for the same very first-time :

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Don‘t run your bike at greater than two thirds of their full throttle and avoid high rpm’s throughout the first two hours of running. Often you‘re advised to drain the oil AFTER both of these hours and utilize quality semi synthetic 10W40 4-stroke engine oil.

Because I simply got myself a two new ssr pit bikes, I‘d been browsing a really reputable pit bike forum (pitbikeclub. co. uk ) attempting to find some info on assembly and breaking in and I stumbled upon some VERY valuable info. This post is really a short summary of the newsletter article I found written by Motoman. Motoman is an experienced superbike tuner who has got his own newsletter (Power News Magazine ).

Links to this post now show on many motorsports discussion forums from all over the planet. The rationale is as time passes, large amounts of people have done a direct comparison between my method and theowner’s manual method, and also the news of the success is spreading rapidly.

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after successfully applying this process to approximately 300 new engines, all with great results and no problems whatsoever. So I advise you to think about his advice !

Consistent with Motoman, by just following the instructions coming from the manufacturer, you risk a permanent loss in power around 2 to 10 percent. The direct result given by a too gentle break-in will certainly be leaky piston rings. This‘ll allow pressure to blow by straight into the crankcase on acceleration, and also to suck up oil straight into the combustion chamber on deceleration. Basically : loss in power and permanent contamination from the engine oil. The only real solution to a nasty break in will certainly be : re-honing the cylinders, installing new piston rings and starting over again. Basically.. you will need to eliminate the engine apart !

You simply get ONE opportunity to break with your engine correctly ! I will be able to explain you why and just how.

Correctly breaking with your engine is about the piston ring seal. A correct break in will create a better fit from the piston ring against the cylinder surface. This‘ll prevent leaky pistons. New rings should be worn in a great deal in an effort to seal all all around the bore. When the gas pressure is strong enough throughout the first miles of operation (open that throttle ! ), probably the entire ring will wear straight into the cylinder surface, to seal the combustion pressure along with possible.

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And now what is the matter having a too easy break in?

The honed crosshatch pattern inside the cylinder bore acts as a file to permit the rings to don. The rings quickly wear through

of the roughness, no matter how hard the engine is run. There is a really small window of opportunity to obtain the rings to seal really well… the very first 20 miles ! When the rings are not forced against the walls soon enough, they will use in the roughness before they fully seat. Once that happens there isn‘t any solution but to re hone the cylinders, install new rings and begin over again.

SO… the very best advice i found about breaking with your engine is

1 ) Run it hard ! (for specific methods : breaking in on the dyno, upon the streets or upon the racetrack… check Motomans 14 page article !

2 ) DONT use synthestic oil ! Refresh your oil immediately when get the bike, BEFORE breaking in, while you cannot make certain about its quality. Use Valvoline, Halvoline, or similar 10W40 petroleum CAR OIL. Cange oil and oil filter after first 20 miles ! ! After two days of hard racing you are able to change within your favorite brand. Check the art to see why.
Did anyone has known effects of the method on SSR pit bikes?

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