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Superhero Static Shock – Everyone knows that almost all superheroes have secret identities, but exist some which have greater than one? The reply is yes, although not in the way in which you may think.

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With many movies and TV shows being made depending on superheroes during the past 20 years, there is been a interest in good actors to portray these heroes. Consequently, many actors happen to be asked to play greater than one superhero. This will cause confusion for fans once they attempt to put a face to certain superheroes, however it has worked out thus far, regardless.

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Chris Evans was the ideal actor to play Human Torch inside the Fantastic Four movies. But Marvel also thinks that he is perfect to the section of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. Evans stars like the American hero inside the upcoming Captain America and Avengers film, respectively, both due for any 2012 release.

Ryan Reynolds designed a splash when he played Wade Wilson / Deadpool in X-Men Origins : Wolverine. But before that, he was Hannibal King in Blade Trinity. And in 2011, we will see him placed on a power ring and turn to be Green Lantern. This really is after he was also considered to the section of Barry Allen as Flash. Just how many superheroes can one actor play?

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Samuel L. Jackson has re-defined the character of Nick Fury with his performance in Iron Man and it is sequel. But little perform some understand that this really is his second superheroes film experience, the very first being The Incredibles, during which he was the voice of Frozone. Although you can’t see his face inside the movie, he is a big-name actor with two superhero identities.

Now we calculate into some actors that are not necessarily two different superheroes, but you are multiple characters inside the superheroes universe. Richard White is that the husband of who had been formerly referred to as Lois Lane in Superman Returns. He also was Scott Summers (aka Cyclops ) altogether three X-Men movies. Richard White might not become a superhero, but he is a character inside a superhero movie, only the same.

Smallville fans are acquainted with Michael Rosenbaum, the actor who played Lex Luthor for several years. He is also designed a name for himself like the Scarlet Speedster inside the Justice League animated series, where he is the voice of Flash. It is tough to hate him like the bad guy in Lex, but it is also tough to cheer him on like the good guy in Flash.

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There are many other actors that have played multiple characters in other superheroes media. Here is a listing of more money :

Halle Berry – Catwoman (Catwoman film ), Storm (three X-Men films )

Mark Hamill – Hobgoblin (Spider-Man, The Animated Series ), Joker (Batman : The Animated Series )

Clancy Brown – Lex Luthor (Superman – The Animated Series and Justice League ), Sinister (Wolverine and also the X-Men )

Neil Patrick Harris – Replay (Static Shock ), Spider-Man (2003 animated series ), The Music Meister (Batman : The Brave and also the Bold ), Nightwing (Batman : Beneath the Red Hood )

Tom Kane – Dr. Doom (Spider-Man, The Animated Series ), H. O. M. E. R. (Iron Man and Hulk animated series )

I guess some individuals are just meant to become inside the superhero entertainment genre.

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