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Review Of Acura Integra Type R

Acura Integra type R – the best car in your life will lead you to the best performance everyday and such for this option you can consider to have the Acura Integra type r. Honda Acura is the good classic choice for your high performance on the road with the heavy car. You can have very attractive look and performance with your car with this Acura Integra type r. Honda Acura comes in various generations, and such the good choice that you can have is such with Acura Integra type R.

Acura Integra type r will be the very interesting classic choice that you can have for your classic car look on the road with its good and stylish sedan body style. You will also have the very interesting look with its 6-speed automatic transmission car. Acura Integra type r is also pedaled with about 80 feet per second, it is much higher than the commonly accepted threshold of 67 feet per second.

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2002 Acura Integra Type RSize: 1600 x 1043

Acura Integra Type R WingSize: 1600 x 1196

1997 Acura Integra Type RSize: 2236 x 1288

With its good speed, Acura Integra type r is very attractive with its accustomed to redlines of 11,000 to 14,000 rpm. Acura Integra type r is also featured with the oil cooler, for one, and a limited-slip differential for another. To stiffen the structure, a larger aluminum shock-tower bar replaces the GS-R’s steel unit, two “performance rods” brace the rear cross-member and tail section. There is thicker metal at the roof rails as well with the rear pillars, and the suspension mounting points with its bigger brakes as well. Here are the photos of the Acura Integra type r.

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Images Of Acura TL Type S

Acura TL type s – if you are looking for the sedan body style car, there are various options that you can consider including by having the Acura TL type s. Acura TL type s is the good choices that you can consider and you should have the smart and deep decision for it because this Japan car manufactured will be your stylish car to have as the good city car. Different with SUV car, this Acura TL type s looks simple but stylish. Here are some simple review about the Acura TL type s for its attractive choice in which you will be very comfortable driving it.

Acura TL type s comes from the generation to generation started from its first released in 1995. Honda firstly introduced this sedan style car and this car becomes the interesting option that people can choose for the best option in which people look for in the market. You even also can have this Acura TL type s from the newest version with 6-speed automatic transmission for the good performance and efficiency.

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07 Acura Tl Type S SpecsSize: 1600 x 1200

Acura Tl Type S 2008Size: 1024 x 768

2008 Acura Tl Type SSize: 1024 x 768

Acura TL type s is also featured by some good and sophisticated features including ventilated seats, new 60GB HDD, upgraded wheels and its blind spot information system which will be very interesting to have and to use when you are driving. You will have really excellent driving as well with this Acura TL type s that has base 3.5l 280 hp (209 kw) 254 lb·ft (344 n·m) and the sh-awd models’ 3.7l 305 hp (227 kw) 273 lb·ft (370 n·m) engines.

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