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The Modern Innovative 2016 Corvette

2016 Corvette is the next generation of modern car with high performance models. Corvette has used RPO three times which now adjusted for better quality. There are several parts that Corvette improved like ride control, lighter wheels, stickier rubber, aero updates, Brembo carbon ceramic brakes and beefed up cooling. Corvette has always been featuring modern innovative sport cars. Chevy has been working on the more powerful engine with lesser emissions and fuel saving. It is a thing for sure that people with sporty life style will fall in love with this Corvette model. This is definitely worth to wait for.

The standard Corvette engineering does not need many platform teaks but with a very good performance. The carbon ceramic disc brakes and Michelin tires that stickier are for sure to highly feature simple technical changes. A small block V8 provides motivation for the Z07 but the standard car’s 6.2L LT1 should be looked for displacement. The smaller V8 will be paired with turbo couple to result a final output until 600 horsepower.

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2016 Corvette ZR1 SpecsSize: 2048 x 1360

The new eight speed automatic? How is the sound of that? Well, Corvette could still offer such engine but oddly the 2016 Corvette is going to exclusively with a seven speed manual. 2016 version of the modern innovative Corvette will surely take over the market of modern sport cars at least in the US. What about the price? It will be offered on the world market at $75,000. Well, a thing for sure in matter of worth to have such amazing ride.

The 2015 Z06 Corvette Specs

2015 Z06 Corvette is one of a kind machine. Strong power with awesome quality of exterior and interior design will be very much as expected from sport cars. The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 has already widely been presumed as one of best sport cars. It is absolutely one of the best machines GM has ever built by the Corvette. I must admit that its 650 hp which means 650 lb-ft of torque; 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds and its winglets that look fresh off the C7.R Le Mans car is truly amazing. You will find yourself to want one right after seeing only its exterior design. Well, yeah not to mention its interior design as well.

As one of the very best American machines, Corvette Z06 2015 is absolutely one of the American dream cars. There are options of colors like red, black, blue and others to choose from according to your own personal taste. In the effort to get one of the masterpieces, the price tag will not be an issue at all. It has been released in the end of year of 2014. Get one to make your ride become exceptionally interesting with fun, pride and comfort.

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2015 Z06 CorvetteSize: 1024 x 682

2015 Z06 Corvette EnginesSize: 4128 x 2322

2015 Z06 Corvette WeightSize: 1189 x 786

2015 Z06 Corvette ColorsSize: 1600 x 1062

2015 Z06 Corvette SpecsSize: 1280 x 846

Well, there are also some issues about this 2015 Z06 Corvette. With the price tag around $79,000 or with the stage aero kit the price will be $89,000. It has convertible design that indeed as one of the most interesting features that new and modern. Do you want to have a ride with pride? Then choosing this one amazing car is going to be marvelous.

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2014 Stingray Specs Reviews

2014 Stingray specs are not for doubt with amazing features both interior and exterior. The convertible and coupe automobile are for sure wonderful designs. We were amazed by its top speed which can reach up to ¼ mile. Its weight supports the top speed to make it runs faster in an instance. Stingray Z51 has brand New Supercharged 650-Horsepower with 6.2L V8 Engine Packs. It is definitely one of the serious rides with really amazing technology. The advanced technologies of LT4 leverages balance performance and efficiency with direct injection, or cylinder deactivation, Active Fuel Management and continuously variable valve timing.

These technologies are combined with fuel-efficiency and multi-speed transmissions, lightweight construction along with Active Fuel Management. They significantly help to make the new Stingray Z51 surprisingly fuel efficient. The Z51 engine also has unique features which are designed to support its higher output. The greater cylinder pressures that are created by forced induction are very cool. The heads of rotocast A356T6 aluminum cylinder are stronger with handle heat better in quality than conventional heads.

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The titanium intake valves that lightweight are certainly amazing to give a fine acceleration for sure. Its engine is enhanced with performance and efficiency of high 10.0:1 compression ratio and is enabled by direct injection. The new engine of 2014 Stingray Z51 is forged with aluminum pistons that unique with stronger structure to make sure about strength under high cylinder pressures.

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2014 ZR1 Specs Reviews

2014 ZR1 is one Chevrolet Corvette sporty car for a ride with pride. It is a brand new generation of muscle car that still taking a high stage until nowadays. Colors such as yellow, blue, silver, red and black are truly featuring elegance of a car. 638-HP is for sure a top hierarchy in Chevrolet Corvette car that will blast the road away. It is merely an expression, though. Get some more specs at Car and Driver that shows you many more references related to the car. One sentence to represent this car is that “This one ride can hang with any other supercar”. Not merely in power but also performance of interior and exterior.

With lesser prices, you can get this ride yet still to rival in performance. It will take your breath away that indeed will lead to your own satisfaction when riding with pride. Some brand new facelifts are offered better than the 2013. We have spent $1495 for the package of this car. Lighter wheels allow the ride so fast in an instance. Whether alone or with someone else, this ride is for sure to add your lifestyle a great rank!

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2014 ZR1 BlueSize: 1024 x 683

2014 ZR1 BlackSize: 1024 x 680

New 2014 ZR1Size: 1024 x 708

2014 ZR1 YellowSize: 1024 x 683

2014 ZR1 SpecsSize: 1024 x 683

2014 ZR1 SilverSize: 1024 x 721

2014 ZR1 RedSize: 1024 x 709

2014 ZR1 HPSize: 1024 x 698

Luxurious design both interior and exterior does really represent the rich people style. Only 28,000 are produced, so do not let one slip away from your grasp if you are a rider with a pride.

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