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Townie Bikes – It challenged the sacred geometry of bike design and created a totally different riding experience, to not mention a couple of shockwaves in the market. By having an upright seating position that allows you to see the planet better and add the shape of your toes flat on the floor everytime you want, the Townie sets a brand new standard in comfort and control. Although many Electra bikes feature Flat Foot Technology to some degree, the Townie showcases it altogether its glory.

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We all know there will be numerous Townies to select from, it can be a challenge to make a decision. Many people just pick their favorite color, and that is cool. However you might wish to consider stuff like the amount of gears or balloon tires. Whatever, it’s all good.
While Bänziger as like a bike lover and Erforth being the ideal seller, both blended well to introduce the ‘having a bike with your life’ think about people rather than just racing every time you step out with that racer bike. Not everyone may be a cyclist, this thought resulted in the start of Electra which happens to be the bike you may take to some grocery store instead of a racing bike. The term spread and soon these bicycle cruisers were selling like hot cakes over the USA, Europe, Australia and Japan.
Electra Bikes offers much not only easy-to-ride bicycles. Aside from bicycle cruisers, the corporate came up with ‘Steam Ride’ series of bikes. Taking inspiration from Southern California’s ‘hot rod’ culture, these bikes convey more elaborate and exaggerated frames, colours, chrome plating and metal flakes. The ‘Townie’ bike was the new kid upon the block in 2003. Its ‘Flat Foot Technology’ was, but still is, a rage with Electra loyalists. Introducing it like a starter’s bike or to re-ignite the passion amongst long lost bicycle riders, the Townie was perfect to begin with. The planning lets you stand having a flat foot on the floor even if you‘re sitting upon the saddle. This removes your fear of falling off while riding to provide you with a comfortable and secure riding experience. No wonder that with these advantages and care taken to design a bike, Electra bikes sell exceptionally well.
The Electra Bike company keeps emerging with innovative methods to charm increasingly more target customers to widen its appeal and each time it hits the bull’s eye. The new addition towards the box of goodies is the Ladies’ Fashion models and Men’s Attitude bikes. Just the name doesn‘t differ. The edition also appeals to women due to its pink-rimmed design and smaller frames. As to the Men’s Attitude, the adore for decent red, geared and ‘adult-looking’ bike is really a complete yes. Electra bikes will be the talk from the town, no make a difference which bicycle shop they are actually in. As to the cherry on top, the corporate has accessories and apparel to provide you in order to make the ride more customised and enjoyable. But, how can they always manage to generate an idea which people have always been expecting? Perhaps there‘s a secret ingredient for the immaculate recipe. The corporate understands the requirements of the rider- irrespective from the age and interest.

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Townie Bikes For MenSize: 725 x 726

Townie Bikes For KidsSize: 1896 x 1192

Townie Bikes AccessoriesSize: 1024 x 741

Townie Bikes ReviewsSize: 2048 x 1536

Townie Bikes For SaleSize: 1000 x 630

Townie Bikes For WomanSize: 811 x 577

Townie Bikes PictureSize: 1000 x 625

Townie Bikes GallerySize: 1000 x 500

Townie Bikes PhotoSize: 1200 x 819

Townie Bikes ModelsSize: 1000 x 658

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