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Weed Wacker Bike – There is a brand new trend to rent rather than buy — a method to save money by renting the things you only use once or occasionally instead of buying it. And you may make money, too, when you have items to rent. As described by Rob Baedeker in

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Baedeker describes how he tried the approach by listing a camping trailer after which threw inside an air mattress in her office, which he borrowed given by a friend. Fortunately, everything went well when he rented to some man in town for any computer-programming camp, and he‘d an excellent experience having a second rental guest who just moved towards the area to labor like a customer service rep. He then rented out a couple of other activities, including a wagon, blender, weed wacker, along with other tools, making about $600 for the 2 weeks he did this.

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I subsequently checked out some of those sites myself, including Rentalic. com and SnapGoods. com, which zero in on people renting things in your own personal area. Rentalic seemed as being larger site with 2689 people and 1669 items to rent inside the Oakland area, including surrounding cities, for example San Francisco, Hayward, and Berkeley, while SnapGoods only had about 150 people listed. Generally, people include photos of what they‘re renting, although not always.

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When I checked out the sort of items and prices, I‘d been especially intrigued by many of the more unusual items, which I assumed might make great props for any film or costumes for a celebration, say for example a gorilla suit for $10 each day or perhaps a parrot costume for $10 each day. I can even rent a ping pong table for $5 each day.

Yet, this concept of renting from private individuals instead of picking up the majority of what one wants from stores in town as well as local shopping mall raised numerous concerns. First, like a consumer, would I truly wish to take time to travel several miles renting a number of items from different people that live miles aside from each other, even when they are within 5 or 10 miles from me? After which it might take much more time traveling to return the products.Weed wacker pictures,

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