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Yepp Bike Seat – It is often a pain to lug around more gear and tools than you‘ll need on the ride, but it is a lot more inconvenient to become stranded miles far from civilization with only a water bottle and cleats to hike in. There is usually a debate over just simply the amount or how little to carry with your seat-bag, but when you are unsure the things you might encounter on the ride it is often far better to err upon the side of caution. Regardless, listed below are a two different methods to approach seat-bag packing.

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If most of your respective rides a person near civilization and within reach of mobile phone towers, I recommend going having a minimalist approach. You’d rather not need to involve help in case of the flat, so flat repair supplies is top priority. This is actually the list :

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A little pack of sticker type patches. These work great for many but the most important holes and therefore are usually plenty durable to help you get home or back towards the car.
One plastic tire lever. The plastic levers are light and won’t damage rims or tubes. These usually are available sets of three, but the first is enough to obtain the tire from the rim.
CO2 Inflator with 1 gas cartridge. These devices are extremely handy, but they are a single shot proposition, so ensure you have everything set up before you decide to pull the trigger.
Folding mini-tool with 2mm and 8mm hex keys and screwdrivers. This ought to be greater than enough to go to to most minor repairs and adjustments.
Cold, hard cash. A useful tool if you are near a convenience store and feeling depleted or if you think like swinging from the coffee shop following a ride.
A mobile phone. The cell phones serves like a last ditch option if mechanical troubles are too big to the mini tool or patch kit. It is also advised to utilize the phone to alert your significant other if you choose to extend your ride.

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In case your rides take you deep into sparsely traveled woods where cell service is sketchy, you could be advised to pack your seat-bag something such as this.

Full patch kit with glue, sander and levers. The glue-on patches tend to be more durable and reliable compared to the stick-on variety.
Spare tube. Each time a tube is badly damaged, sometimes you‘ve simply there is no other option but to install a brand new one.
Hand pump. A hand pump is usually more reliable when compared to a CO2 pump and has got the added bonus of allowing one to adjust your tire pressure based on seperate trail conditions.
Full featured multi-tool. On epic rides removed from home it is nice to get a tool with additional options as a knife, spoke wrench and chain tool.
Zip ties and little roll of electrical tape. Both of these supplies, combined having a little MacGyver spirt, can temporarily fix almost anything that will go wrong having a mountain bike.
Picture ID and health insurance card. In case you go big and please don‘t quite turn that transition, it is nice for whoever finds you unconscious in the bottom from the mountain to understand who you are as a new you.

These are generally only a few suggestions approach pack a seat-bag. You will presumably create your own personal, customized gear combination that is based by yourself riding style and also the locations from the trails you ride. Addititionally there is the consideration of variable bike repair skill. Some riders may need no problem truing a wheel upon the side from the trail while others may need trouble acquiring a clincher off a rim. The most thing usually is to carry whatever makes You are feeling confident and cozy sufficient to handle any situation upon the trail

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